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Octa Animations

This animation agency create lively video animations. The purpose of video animation is to help businesses tell their tale in an interactive manner.

Traditional 2D Animation

Modern 3D Animation

Realistic Visualization

Character Animation

Animate Brand’s Future


This video animation studio offers a wide range animation services including 2D animations, 3D animations, whiteboard animations, character animations, animated corporate videos, motion graphic videos, landing page videos, visualization, infographic videos, social media videos and others.


Our Expertise

The animation creators at OctaAnimations have extensive animated video making experience. Additionally, our animation makers use powerful animation tools viz. Adobe Creative, Cloud Maya, Nuke, ZBrush and others. Significantly, our animators have dealt with multifaceted industries.



OctaAnimations is fathered by Mr. John Arnolds who loves drawing inventive video animations. That’s why, OctaAnimations religiously follows his values across the board. Importantly, his animation philosophy includes impactful animation content, pixel accurate videos, responsive motion graphics and others to lure customers into buying communication message.

We Work For Your Satisfaction

Octa Animation believes in working until our clients are totally satisfied with the quality of the work and are content at what they see. Our staff does not leave any stone unturned until the work is what you want and the purpose is served. The delightful blend of entertainment, engagement, innovation and creativity is all what makes the difference.

Superior 2D and 3D Animation services

Octa Animations are well rehearsed in both 2D & 3D animations, and also production of explainer videos, product demos, mobile app demos, corporate animated videos plus character design. We have worked with both Fortune 500 companies and developing fresh brands. Some of our customers were: Miami Air International, Can Track Global, Universal ID and Photobox Group.

Kevin CooperManaging Director

Quality Video Making at Octa Animations

The videos brought extremely positive response and led to a substantial increase in our sales too. Lithe and competent, the teams provided us with high-quality stuff within a short span of time. Octa Animations have quite some inventive ideas and their practical approach made for a productive conglomerate. They made six animated videos for us of varying lengths and all of the videos were spectacular.

Emily JordanHead of Marketing

Excellent services, superb discipline and good execution

Octa Animations produced the video even though we gave them a tight deadline, they did it with time remaining for edits! Well done. Their swift response time and opinion process guaranteed the delivery of a pleasing work experience with them. Octa Animations made an introduction video for a product of ours and it was satisfactory too. They created a storyboard and a voiceover which were top quality too.

Louis MartinCreative Director

Efficient process throughout

Octa Animations provided us with some excellent work that got us a lot of customer satisfaction. Considerate explanations and detailed guidance enabled a suave workflow in the project from start to end. The highly proficient team made the whole process feel almost effortless. The whole lot was top notch, from the initial discussion to the finished project. Bravo.

Rachel LonaCEO

Appealing and creative content

Octa Animations deserve praise for their advanced yet simple and pleasing content. They delivered content to be used in future email and social media campaigns. The teams were approachable, flexible, and their thorough approach to the project produced commercially positive results. Octa Animations has to be one of the best dealers we’ve had the chance to work with.

Morgan LeeManaging Director

Open communication and diverse approaches

Offering us a lot of varied artistic approaches, Octa Animations proved to be the accurate choice for a production partner. Their elevated and direct communication provided us with recurrent updates and made sure that all parties were contented with the final delivery of the project. They were direct, authentic, and left no stone unturned to create something we are all proud of. Thank you guys.

Robert PhilipCEO

Octa Animations


The vision of this animation studio is to become leading animation company. It envisions to surpass a milestone of million animated videos. Significantly, it aims to open up animation studios across seven continents. Altogether, our animation creators have pledged producing animations for at least fifty different industries and building a clientele base of hundred thousand.

Octa Animations


The mission of our animation makers is to help businesses tell their story in animated video format. Our objective is to forward your stories in a manner that evokes interest and excitement. In sum, our animators aim at boosting your brand reach, lead generation, purchase decisions, and brand loyalty through motion graphics and animations.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Not to sound conceited, but we are the best at what we do! Our claims are backed by the excellent work done by our teams and their undiminishing spirit. Committed to excellence and brilliance.


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